What Are the Benefits of Cactus?

Cactus plants are some of the most common plants for homes right now. Many people like to buy them as their houseplants because they are incredibly hardy.

They are easy to take care of and can come in many different shapes and sizes. Cactus plants didn’t use to be quite so popular.

However, many lifestyle blogs adopted the idea of buying cactus plants, and they quickly became highly trendy.

Cactus plants can add to the aesthetic of your home. However, they don’t just serve as aesthetic pleasure but have many more benefits.

There are many products of cactus plants that provide different kinds of benefits, and we’re going to look into all of them today.

Cactus plants are succulents which means that they have a lot of soft flesh available for human access.

Cactus plants are also flowering plants which means that you can grow cactus fruits. They can also add to aesthetic beauty because of their flowers.

In the article below, we’ll look into all of the benefits of cactus plants and how we can use them to our advantage through cactus breeding.

Health Benefits of Cactus Plants

The Cactus plant is something that you’ll see people ingesting in Latin America because these plants quite prefer the hot climates there.

The parts ingested most often are the cactus pad and the cactus fruit. Both of these pieces can serve many health benefits. We will look into some of these below:

Manages Cholesterol

Cholesterol levels have been on the rise in many parts of the world. Knowledge of the detriments of cholesterol has been known only recently, which is why many people are scrambling to lower their cholesterol levels.

However, many people think that cactus plants can help when it comes to foods like cacti.

A study was conducted by scientists about the effect of cactus ingestion on cholesterol levels, and they found that eating cactus can reduce body fat.

The study was carried out using two rats: one was given cactus in its diet, and the other was not. Scientists then collected the fecal matter of these rats.

The cholesterol levels in the rats fed a diet of cactus plants turned out to be less than the cholesterol levels in the rats who were not given cactus.

Incorporating cactus fruits and plants into the diet is necessary as it helps in reducing the risks of stroke, coronary heart disease, and other peripheral vascular diseases.

Helps With Hangovers

Hangovers are caused due to the dehydration that comes with alcohol uptake in cells. Cactuses are known for the amount of water they can store in their cells, so it only makes sense to help with dehydration.

Cactus plants also have vitamins C, E, A and minerals like iron, calcium, and more. These many nutrients all work together to decrease inflammation in the body.

A study found out that people who take cactus extract before going out for a night of drinking are less likely to face a hangover.

The symptoms would also be much less as they are less prone to nausea, dry mouth, vomiting, etc. This extract could be an excellent cure for people in their twenties who want to enjoy their youth and get up the next day for work.

The cactus extract can act as an antidiuretic and keep all the water in your cells instead.

Controls Blood Sugar

Another aspect of your blood that you’ll want to control is sugar levels. The high blood sugar level in the body could be a symptom of some other sort of illness.

Additionally, having a high blood sugar level can also cause all sorts of problems in your body. High sugar levels could result from diabetes, heart disease, or strokes.

As cactus is a particularly popular plant in Mexico, a study conducted there showed that the sugar levels of people who ingested cactus before their meals had a lower overall level of sugar in their blood than people who didn’t.

The study also suggested that eating cactus pads regularly could be a low-cost way of reducing your blood sugar levels.

Eating a cactus pad could be a great alternative to the ever-increasing price of insulin and other drugs to keep insulin levels low.

Improves Immune System

With the COVID-19 pandemic, many people started looking for organic recipes and sources to strengthen their immune systems.

Cactus plants are one way you can achieve this. They are a great way to get some vitamin C into your body.

We know that vitamin C boosts our immune systems. Regular doses of vitamin C can help increase the production of white blood cells in your body.

White blood cells are the cells that help your body fend off all infections and foreign bodies.

White blood cells are responsible for keeping your body safe from all sorts of infections and diseases, which is why an increase in their count means your body is better equipped to protect itself.

You are less likely to get infected by diseases with improved immunity, and even if you contract that disease, the symptoms will be less severe.

It’s Rich in AntiOxidants.

Antioxidants can help protect cells from detriment by free radicals. Free radicals are compounds that can cause mutations in cells.

Antioxidants are also necessary for the fight against cancer. If you want to protect yourself from cancer, a large number of antioxidants in your cactus may be a great way for you to do so.

Acts as an Antivirulent

Viruses are some of the most common ways that you can fall ill. However, cactus plants have antivirulence properties that can help you keep safe. Thus, cactus plants as a whole have many benefits that can be beneficial to your health.

Spiritual Benefits

You may not think that a cactus plant can provide you with any spiritual benefits. However, all plants are a part of nature, and they can add to the spirituality of any space they are a part of. Some of the most prominent spiritual benefits are below:

Eradicates Negative Energies

Negative energies can sourly harm your mindset and make you feel gloomy and depressed. Many cultures believe that having cactus plants in open spaces around your home can help them perform a protective function.

They can absorb all of the negative energies, so you don’t have to walk into a hostile environment.

Most people recommend you keep your cactus plants outside so that they can absorb negative energies before you go in. However, keeping cactus plants inside is also necessary.

People also believe that cactus plants are harbingers of luck, which is why people think you should invest in them if you have a particularly awful spell.

They Represent Strength

Many are drawn to cactus plants because it symbolizes strength and resilience. Cactus plants have to face harsh conditions, which means they are an ultimate symbol of strength for some people.

When we compare cactus plants to other plants, we learn that cactus plants have to face some harsh conditions to survive. They have to face several days without water and yet manage to grow in the most unlikely of places.

Many people also like to think that the tough exterior and soft interior of a cactus plant symbolize that outward strength is necessary while keeping your insides soft.

Placing a cactus in your home could help you create some connections between the hardships you and the cactus face. It can also make you feel like you’re going to survive because the cactus certainly managed to.

Indoor Cacti May Make You Happier

Many people often complain about not being able to witness enough natural beauty. In 2022, most of us will spend our time indoors working on deadlines or work. We rarely get to go outside and witness the wonders of nature firsthand.

Thus, having a cactus inside your home could make you feel much closer to nature. It could also make you feel happier. Cactus plants can also appear in all sorts of colors, and most of them even have flowers.

Hence, placing these plants in your surroundings can add to your happiness and make you feel better.

Cacti are also something that you have to take care of. There is routine in the way that you take care of them.

The routine can thus help you have a better idea of taking care of plants. You are also more likely to be completely mindful when you’re taking care of plants which is why you are likelier to be happy.

It Can Increase Your Productivity

You may not think that cactus plants help your productivity, but you might be surprised by what they do.

It depends on where you keep them, but most people find that having a cactus plant on their desk or somewhere where their eyes rest constantly can make you feel like you can get more work done.

Cactus plants can make you feel relaxed and less stressed out, but they also add to your day. All in all, they can make you feel like you have the energy and strength to follow your path and also achieve your dreams.

The green of the plants represents tranquility that may not have had otherwise in the day. Thus, when you see a cactus plant, you may feel invigorated entirely and have the energy to get through your day.

Benefits of Cactus Juice

The entire cactus plant can be beneficial for people’s health. However, there are also some benefits specific to certain parts of the plant. One of the most helpful parts of the cactus is the juice extracted from it.

Cactus Juice Soothes Joints

Cactus juice stops leukocytes’ migration, which can act as a catalyst in inflammatory diseases. It contains all sorts of vitamins and minerals, which help reduce inflammation. It can also ease the stiffness and soreness caused by arthritis.

It Allows For a Healthier Gut

Your stomach has good bacteria and harmful bacteria. The good bacteria help digestion and allow your gut to break things down with greater ease.

Cactus juice helps detoxify with great ease, and we also find that detoxification helps treat diseases like diverticulitis and colitis.

If you’re having trouble with constipation or not being able to pass feces, a little bit of the juice can make all the difference.

It Is a Natural Antidote for Skin Disorders

Cactus Juice is great for people who develop rashes on their skin. It has a cooling effect which can be great for people whose skin can get inflamed easily. You can also use it to treat scabs and sores.

Benefits for Women

Cactus juice also helps women with relieving their menstrual cramps. It eases a lot of abdominal pain that can be present due to their menstrual cycles.

Cactus juice can also help with nausea that most women report that they experience during their periods.

Prevents Onset of Cancer

Cactus juice contains high amounts of betalain antioxidants, which are anti-cancerous agents. Thus they can ward off cancer cells and even keep them at bay if your body contracts them.

These antioxidants can act like protective layers that prevent the onset of cancer.

Benefits of Cactus Fruit

Apart from cactus juice, cactus fruit also has many benefits. We have mentioned some of the benefits below:

They Provide Micronutrients

You may think about nutrients, but you may not have considered how essential micronutrients are. The fruit contains iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and vitamin B6, to name a few. These are all antioxidants that can provide your body health and protection.

They Can Help With Weight Control

Cactus fruits have very few calories. Thus, if you want to ingest them, they may help you keep your extra weight at bay.

People who eat cactus fruit know that it makes you feel full. If you feel full, you’re likely to eat less. Thus, your weight will be in control. The cactus fruits are also rich in fiber, which is good for your gut.

It Prevents Gastric Ulcers.

Gastric ulcers are painful sores that can line your stomach and make eating very painful. They occur when the layer of mucus in your gastric lining thins and the stomach acid can then eat away at it. The symptoms of these gastric ulcers are generally vomiting nausea and weight loss.

The betanin in cactus fruit helps the stomach create a thicker lining of mucus in the gastric lining, which means that it’s likely to reduce the number of gastric ulcers in the lining.

Lowers Blood Sugar Levels

Cactus fruits have a hypoglycemic ability. Many experiments have told us that blood sugar absorption reduces by quite a bit when people ingest cactus fruits.

The pectin and fiber in the cactus fruit allow for less absorption. Thus, like the cactus plant as a whole, cactus fruit too can help with the sugar levels in your body.

It helps with Heart Disease.

Cactus fruits have a lot of fiber. Fiber also helps reduce cholesterol levels which is why it may help with heart disease.

Many cases of heart disease occur due to the sedimentary deposits of cholesterol in the coronary arteries that ultimately lead to a heart attack. Thus, reducing this deposit is by eating foods rich in fiber like cactus fruits.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Cactus Benefits

Many people are unsure about keeping their cactus indoors as opposed to outdoors. We will therefore discuss the benefits of keeping cactus indoors and outdoors to decide where you want to keep the plants all on your own.

Indoor Cactus Plants


  1. They ease your breathing. Cactus plants release oxygen into the air and remove carbon dioxide.
  2. They create a more zen-like environment. Cactus plants exude an air of calmness.
  3. It’s easier to take care of them. You don’t have to step out in the harsh climate, and since indoors, it’s easier for you to control the factors concerning them.
  4. These plants have the power to heal you, and keeping them indoors will allow them to. They have spiritual benefits that you’re more privy to when you keep them indoors.
  5. You can place them anywhere. Keep cactus plants in pots to move them around whenever you feel the need to.


  1. They have glochids or needles that can harm you and your little children when they run around.
  2. They can take up a lot of space.
  3. Harmful if ingested by your pets.
  4. It goes against some principles of Feng Shui.

Outdoor Cactus plants


  1. They can grow on their own; you only have to water them.
  2. They add to the overall aesthetic of your garden
  3. They can receive sunlight directly
  4. They can drain into the soil easily


  1. You can’t control things like sunlight.
  2. Pests might attack them.

Final Thoughts

There are many reasons why you may want to invest in cactus plants. They come with a lot of benefits.

They are suitable for your physical and spiritual health, which is why your investment will pay off. The products of the cactus plant can also help with all sorts of problems like digestion and inflammation.

Cactus can help you out if you want to grow your own vegetable fruits or even use them as a decoration in your home. Cactus is one of the easiest plants to grow because it does not need a lot of attention, only sunlight, and water. A succulent also does not need any fertilizer to produce fruits. So next time you want a meal, consider planting a succulent for a better food supply.