Blue Columnar Cactus (All You Need to Know)

Blue Columnar Cactus is popularly known as the BLUE COLUMNAR CACTUS or Brazilian Blue Cactus,

The scientific name of the Blue Columnar Cactus is “Pilosocereus azureus”, “Pilosocereus atroflavispinus”, “Pilosocereus superbus”, and “wooly blue spires.”

The unique part about the Blue Columnar Cactus is that it brings variety to the ordinary greens in your garden.

The Blue Columnar Cactus grows a maximum of three feet in height when kept in a suitable environment such as a garden, and with this height, it may possess four-inch-long spikes on its outer skin.

The Blue Columnar Cactus- Origin

Blue Columnar Cactus, which is quite remarkable for its distinctive look and color, has gained immense popularity worldwide. 

This Cactus belongs to the Cactaceae family and is the only flowering species in this plant generation. This stunning Cactus is a South American Native and is widely distributed in Brazil.

The Blue Columnar Cactus is originally from Southern Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala.

After spreading its roots in this area, it got lucky enough to expand towards Panama and Costa Rica. The Blue Columnar Cactus is usually found in deciduous tropical forests.

Life Expectancy of Blue Columnar Cactus 

The average lifespan of Blue Columnar Cacti in an indoor environment is ten years or more, depending on proper care and timely services provided to the plant daily.

However, on open grounds and in their natural habitat, Blue Columnar Cacti can live up to hundreds of years, growing and expanding their roots and leaves significantly and holding the ground upright their whole life.

Best features of Blue Columnar Cactus

From its origin, Blue Columnar Cactus has been a center of attention for its distinctive look and friendliness towards the environment. It has some of the best features, making it stand out from other species of cacti. 

  • Individuals who love to do gardening would love this plant from the bottom of their hearts as this plant requires low maintenance and can be planted anywhere with ample sunlight.
  • Its unique blue color attracts every eye.
  • The Blue Columnar Cactus requires less water than all the other cacti.
  • The only requirement of this plant is that it needs an adequate amount of sunlight available in almost every household.
  • The Blue Columnar Cactus will help remove the humidity and dryness from your household environment, changing it with fresh air.
  • The Blue Columnar Cactus is crucial in creating traditional medicine in parts of Brazil.
  • The Blue Columnar Cactus is also consumed as a vegetable in some regions where it is abundantly available.

Growth Requirements of Blue Columnar Cactus

Blue Columnar Cactus is a self-independent growing plant nourishing and storing water in its roots to grow significantly.

Still, cultivating the plant yourselves must fulfill specific requirements for your desired plant growth.

The Cactus easily adjusts to its surroundings, but some features are typical for all Blue Columnar Cacti worldwide.

  • The Blue Columnar Cactus preferably grows in warm and hot climates and has a unique ability to tolerate extreme freezing temperatures that can go lowest to -5 Celsius.
  • If it is kept in direct sunlight, where the sun rays are powerful and warm, your Blue Cacti will love the feeling and start increasing.
  • The Blue Columnar Cactus requires a lesser amount of water as compared to other plants and cacti.

Expansion of the Blue Columnar Cactus Kingdom

Commonly, plants and cacti grow on their own through seed propagation, but the Blue Columnar Cactus doesn’t just give in to this case.

The Blue Columnar Cactus has a different way of propagation; seed plantation.

In its natural habitat, Blue Columnar Cactus can grow up to 1000cm making it one of the tallest cacti in the world.

But unfortunately, in an artificial and cultivated environment, the Cactus can only grow up to 15-31cm as it doesn’t get a proper ground to expand freely and naturally.

How to Propagate Pilosocereus Pachyladus

We have created a simple and doable list of steps you can easily follow if you want to propagate your Blue Columnar Cactus. Let’s take a look at them;

  • Pick two or three seeds of the Blue Columnar Cactus. 
  • Make sure to soak them throughout the night for flawless results.
  • The number of seeds you have picked should match the number of paper towels.
  • Now, place one seed in one paper towel.
  • Make sure you have correctly enclosed it in plastic wrap.
  • This wrapping will create a greenhouse effect for your seed and help it grow quickly and adequately.
  • Let it rest for approximately a month and a half, i.e., six weeks.
  • When the day has arrived, place your beautiful germinated seed in a soil mixture.
  • Make sure the soil mixture is moist enough to allow further growth.
  • At this point, you must know that all your hard work will be in vain if your soil is wet; therefore, ensure moisture in the ground instead of soggy.
  • The interlocked moisture will generate a root growth process.

How to Ensure My Cacti Are Growing?

 The Blue Columnar Cactus makes its growth pattern visible so that you can sit back and wait for its first appearance.

You will observe a hole in the left side from where you planted the germinated seed.

After that, the second visibility is that the hole gets filled with water by itself.

It happens when the roots find a new environment and want to make it their permanent residence.

These two things will ensure that your plant is now ready to face the world in its mighty blue appearance.

A Different Approach to Plant The Blue Columnar Cactus

If you want to propagate your Blue Columnar Cactus but not through the seed germination process, due to whatever reason, we have another way to solve your problem; propagation through cuttings.

All you have to do is follow these simple steps and let your plant grow by this method;

  • This procedure has to be at night, as no reproduction or growth process occurs; the plants are fast asleep!
  • Make sure that you are using a sharp knife in this procedure.
  • Cut out three or four healthy cacti segments.
  • Plant your cuttings deep into a pot with moist soil
  • Ensure your soil is not wet, as the Blue Columnar Cactus does not enjoy a watery environment.
  • Let it rest for a few weeks, and then naturally, you will observe that the roots have started to spread deep into the pot.
  • Now you can quickly relocate it to the required location that has an ample amount of sunlight.

Let’s Learn About Light

We all know that cactuses love themselves some sun! To ensure the remarkable growth of your precious Blue Columnar Cactus, let it rest in the sun daily for a minimum of four hours.

If direct sunlight is not possible in your house, diffused sunlight might also do the job, but the timing will increase to a minimum of six hours.

However, the Cactus might still survive in a lesser light, but its growth rate will diminish eventually.

Adequate sunlight ensures tremendous growth, essential for the plant to grow.

Which Soil is Best For My Plant?

The Blue Cactus adores sandy soils with a suitable pH value maintained between 5.5 to 6.5.

For excellent growth, soil mixes are your blind partner instead of the pure one.

The soil mixtures blend all types of materials required for the proper nourishment of your plant.

If you have access to clay soil mixtures, nothing can stop your plant from growing adequately in its favorite environment.

The clay mixes are moist, which enhances and boosts the growth mechanism of the Blue Columnar Cactus.

Additionally, you can also mix a handful of fertilizer into your soil to enhance growth.

What is the Adequate Amount to Water My Plant?

The Blue Columnar Cactus must be watered when the soil feels dry.

You can touch the sand by inserting your fingers into the ground, and it will inform you whether it is moistened or not.

Excessive watering can kill your plant and diminish its growth permanently.

Therefore, you must be careful with the amount of water you provide your plant.

At What Temperature Will My Plant Grow to The Optimal Level?

The Blue Columnar Cactus is a temperature-sensitive plant with intolerable extreme freezing temperatures.

The slightest temperature it can survive in is -5 Degrees Celsius; anything more than that will permanently damage the plant.

If the temperature falls low in your area, keep your plant inside your house where the temperature is slightly higher than outside.

However, if you live in a warm or hot climate, it will act as the best growth supporter for your Cactus.

Another fact about Blue Columnar Cactus is that they adore humid environments compared to the other plants and cacti.

Pros and Cons of Blue Columnar Cactus


  • Blue Columnar Cactus is a low-maintenance plant.
  • It looks for itself independently and requires no proper care in outdoor environments.
  • Blue Columnar Cactus produces a red flower that helps regulate the blood sugar and insulin levels in patients with type 2 diabetes.
  • The juice extracted from Blue Columnar Cactus is beneficial in preventing the migration of leukocytes in the human body which acts as a precursor for the cause of inflammatory diseases in humans.
  • Ideal to gifted to indoor and succulent plant lovers
  • This Cactus has beneficial antioxidants to fight against urinary tract infections and prostate inflammation.


  • The Blue Columnar Cactus can quickly rot when exposed to a lot of moisture.
  • Pests and fungi tend to attack them a lot.
  • Always being careful about water requirements and soil mixes can irritate some people.
  • The Cactus spikes are not safe! If you get stung by one of the spikes, it might leave an irritating impact on your skin.
  • At all costs, people with sensitive skin must stay away from the Blue Cactus as it might lead to an infectious reaction, and their skin might start to appear red.

Bottom Line

The Blue Columnar Cactus or Pilosocereus pachycladus is a beautiful creation of nature that adds beauty to your plant collection and aesthetics to your house overall.

A low-maintenance cactus is all you need to spice up your dull and monotonous greens!

We hope our blog contains enough information about the Blue Columnar Cactus, its growth requirements, replantation, and care techniques; all you need to know in general!

Feel free to inform us about your experiences with the plant in the comments section below. If you want to add anything, please do.

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