Where to Place Cactus in Home?

Cactus plants have grown in popularity ever since social media like TikTok and YouTube indulged in lifestyle aesthetics.

Due to the popularity of cactus plants, many people have started to keep them in their homes.

Cactus plants come in different sizes and varieties, which is why so many people tend to place a number of them in their homes.

The trend of keeping cactus plants inside the house is somewhat recent. Generally, people kept cactus plants outside their homes.

This makes sense because cactus plants have spikes which makes them harmful for situations inside.

For people with children, there’s always the hazard of their child getting hurt on the spines of a cactus plant.

Pet owners, their cats, and dogs may also feel threatened by the presence of a cactus in the living room.

Thus, people have to place cacti in their homes to add to the aesthetics without ruining functionality. It largely depends on what kind of cactus you use and where you place them.

In the article below, we’ll discuss the best places for you to keep your cactus and why you may want to place them here.

Why Are Cactus Plants Popular?

Before we get into where to keep them, you have to understand for your benefit why these plants are popular additions to homes. Cactus plants have long been pariahs and an outcast.

Many people believed that these plants aren’t great because they’re grown in the desert and thus are extremely hardy.

Many followers of Chinese spiritual practices believe that cactus plants have negative energy. However, people are slowly coming out of that mentality.

Instead, people are shifting perspectives to understand all the ways that cactus plants are a great addition to their homes.

Some of the reasons why Cactus plants are popular are as follows:

1. They Are Easy to Maintain

Cactus plants are extremely hardy. They can last in the harsh climates of a desert as they are adapted to going without water and nutrition for a long time. So, they don’t need a lot of attention to last.

This fact makes them dependable. Many people have an extremely busy schedule, and they can’t maintain their plants as well as they want to. For these people, cactus plants are perfect.

2. They are Aesthetically Pleasing

Cactus plants are available in all kinds of colors, sizes, and shapes. It depends on what kind of color you want to apply to the room, and you’ll find yourself a cactus-like that.

Cactus plants aren’t good only because they appear beautiful. Plants, in general, add a splash of nature to your room.

If you’re someone who has a desk job or if you’re working from home and you want to experience something from the outside, having a cactus plant at your desk or around your home will help you feel closer to nature even at home.

3. They Make the Air Quality Better Indoors

If you have a home or an apartment with a lot of ventilation, you likely don’t face the problem of running out of fresh air or feeling suffocated.

However, cactus plants can improve air quality for many people who are constantly indoors in dorm rooms or homes where the natural elements are not present.

Cactus plants don’t have leaves, but like any plant, they go through the process of photosynthesis.

Photosynthesis makes the air quality better indoors to make the process happen; plants must take in oxygen and give out carbon dioxide.

Where Should You Place Cactus Plants?

Now that we know why cactus plants are so popular, you may want to go out and buy some.

Once you’ve bought cactus plants, you may start thinking about where you want to keep them in your home.

People find many ways to keep them. There are many strategies that you may apply.

However, the two main ones we’ll be discussing today are feng shui and function.

The function isn’t an actual theory; it’s just a way to place your cactus in homes while ensuring that it has the best provisions for growth.

The function strategy means placing cactus plants in an area in your home with enough sunlight and air circulation, so your cactus plants grow and don’t enter a state of dormancy.


The function placement involves making sure you understand the needs of your cactus plant. Your cactus plant is like any other plant.

It needs sunlight, carbon dioxide, nutrients, and water. Once you understand this, you can place your cactus in your home in a functional way.

1. Somewhere With Natural Light

You should try and keep your place somewhere that has natural light. Cactus plants need a high amount of sunlight to survive.

They need about 6-9 hours of sunlight. If you have a place in your home that receives the maximum amount of sunlight, you should keep your cactus plant here.

Take care, though, as too much sunlight can also cause the cactus plant to enter a state of dormancy.

2. Somewhere With air circulation

It may not seem like it, but cactus plants will thrive when placed in areas with a higher amount of carbon dioxide.

A high amount of carbon dioxide means that they can carry photosynthesis more often and grow accordingly.

3. Somewhere With Limited Moisture

Cactus plants are not used to humid conditions. They grow in the dry desserts with little moisture in the air and the ground.

If you keep your home cactus plants in a place with a lot of moisture, they will become rotten and won’t grow.

If you have a steam shower that regularly fills your bathroom with moisture, then you don’t want to keep your cactus here.

The moistures will cause the cactus to react abnormally, and you may find that the cactus rots instead.

You should also not keep your cactus plant anywhere to get extremely wet. It’s okay for your cactus to get wet now and then.

However, if you’ve kept it in a place that’s close to water, it might be receiving more water than it needs. In which case, it will face rot.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a Chinese theory about maintaining a balance between you and your environment.

For a very long time, Feng Shui followers didn’t think that cactus plants could have a place inside the house. The reason behind this was that Cactus Plants have a lot of spikes and lack symmetry.

Thus, they can act as perpetrators of harmful energy. According to Feng Shui, there is only one place where you can keep cactus plants so that you don’t bring upon any negative energy onto yourself, and that is the fame and reputation of the Bagua quadrant in your home.

This Bagua quadrant is related to fame and reputation, so when you place your cactus plant here, the negative energy will not emanate to the rest of the home.

Believers of Feng Shui also believe that if you recently got a Cactus plant and your skin starts prickling, you have likely placed it in the wrong area in your home.

Instead, you should take the time out and put this in a location where you’ve kept all your namesakes and trophies.

Feng shui also states that if you keep cactus in places like kitchens and washrooms, they’ll ruin that room’s peace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is cactus good for pimples?

Cacti are plants that grow in arid climates. They are also known as prickly pear or desert rose. Cacti are often used for landscaping because they require little water and thrive in hot weather.

Cacti are native to Mexico and parts of Central America. The plant has long been used for medicinal purposes. In ancient times, it was believed to cure skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis.

Today, cacti are widely used for cosmetic purposes. Some people even eat them raw. While cacti are considered safe, some people experience allergic reactions after ingesting them.

Final Thoughts

It would be best if you placed your cactus in a place where it has the best chance to grow. The position of a Cactus plant in a home informs the amount of sunlight, water, and ventilation it will receive.

Thus, it would be best to place these cactus plants in the right place. You should also try your best to maintain an aesthetic with your cactus plants.

They shouldn’t seem like they’re out of place or taking away from the look of your home.

Additionally, if you’re interested in maintaining Feng Shui in your home, you can also look into the various quadrants to find a place for your cactus plant.

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