Can You Eat Cactus Raw?

Can You Eat Cactus Raw

Cactus is slowly taking up space on everyone’s social media and the fitness world as the magic cure to all kinds of obesity and ill-health. We’ve seen how this trend occurred with Kale recently and celery before that. How much of the obsession with cactus is valid, and what’s more necessary for you to know …

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Are Cactus Plants Poisonous to Dogs?

Are Cactus Plants Poisonous to Dogs

Dogs are mischievous animals, and there’s no way we can deny that. They are constantly looking for the next activity to engage themselves in, and in this, even their owners can’t help them behave. As a dog owner, one must be constantly vigilant about what their dogs are eating and what they’re playing with. Dogs …

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How to Use Cactus for Weight Loss?

How to Use Cactus for Weight Loss

In 2022, we’ve come very far in terms of what we consider healthy and what we don’t. The diet culture from the early 2000s consisted of idealizing stick-thin bodies even if it meant extreme starvation and harmful diet culture. Since then, there have been more and better conversations about diets and food in general. People …

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How to Propagate Christmas Cactus?

How to Propagate Christmas Cactus

If you’re someone who loves plants and is constantly overwhelmed by how many you want to buy, you may want to look into propagation. Propagation is an easy, cost-efficient method that you can use to get many plants from one. People who propagate plants tend to gift them to their friends. The lockdown in 2020 …

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How to Grow Cactus From Cutting?

How to Grow Cactus From Cutting

A cactus plant is slowly becoming a willful addition in the houses of many people. A cactus is a type of succulent and one of the most recognizable plants in the world because you can recognize its structure and shape. It’s a unique plant that you can add to your home to give it a …

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How Cactus Used for Decoration [14 Best Ideas]

How Cactus Used for Decoration

Home decoration is not an easy task and requires a lot of planning and effort. If you’ve recently started renovating your home and want to add more plants into your décor without going through the hassle of maintaining them, cactus plants will be perfect for you. This article has the best 14 ways to use …

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Does Cactus Have Any Health Benefits?

Cactus Health Benefits

The Cactus is one of the most notable plants we see around. Cactus plants tend to stand out not only because of their looks but also because of the function they serve and how they survive. Cactuses are known for their nutrients as well as their medicinal value. However, the common ingestion of cactus plants …

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