How to Make Cactus Juice? (Is it really healthy?)

How to Make Cactus Juice

There has been a health industry-wide trend of using cactus in diets now. The health and fitness industry raffles through its next big superfood now and then. It started with avocadoes, followed by kale. Now, cactus plants are having their moment. Keeping cactus plants in your room is one of those exotic trends that so …

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What Does Cactus Fruit Taste Like?

What Does Cactus Fruit Taste Like

With the recent trends of healthy eating instead of diet culture, people are constantly looking for the next best thing to provide them with a sense of health. Cactus and cactus fruit have been on the radar for health fanatics everywhere. It’s a hardy plant with unique qualities that make it stand out. Its unique …

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Why Do Cactus Change Color?

Why Do Cactus Change Color

Cactus is a plant like any other. Sure, it has many different adaptations that make it stand out, but it functions as a plant. The cactus plant has the same requirements as any other plant but in different proportions and measures. One of the most prominent factors of Cactus plants is how little water they …

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Where To Place Cactus For Good Feng Shui?

cactus feng shui

Cactus plants are very common house plants now. The popularity of cactus plants as house plants has much to do with how easy they are to care for. Cactus plants are hardy and don’t require you to water them too often or replace their fertilizer too often. They also make for relatively clean plants for …

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Which Plant Has Adaptations Similar to Those of a Cactus?

Which Plant Has Adaptations Similar to Those of a Cactus

It’s easy to identify a Cactus plant, even if you’ve never physically seen one. These plants are some of the most easily identifiable ones you’ll have around. They are often found in deserts which is why if you have ever seen a cartoon in a desert setting, you’ll find an artist’s interpretation of a cactus. …

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How to Get Rid of Ants in Cactus?

How to Get Rid of Ants in Cactus

Any plant needs proper care so that it can flourish. Cactus plants are generally easier to handle as they are very hardy. Cactus plants can survive in the worst of conditions and generally don’t require much maintenance to thrive. Since they thrive so well in all sorts of environments, they’re popular in homes and even …

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Can You Eat Cactus Raw?

Can You Eat Cactus Raw

Cactus is slowly taking up space on everyone’s social media and the fitness world as the magic cure to all kinds of obesity and ill-health. We’ve seen how this trend occurred with Kale recently and celery before that. How much of the obsession with cactus is valid, and what’s more necessary for you to know …

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