Barrel Cactus (All You Need to Know)

Barrel Cactus

What is a Barrel Cactus? The Barrel Cactus is a member of the Cactaceae family. The genus name for this particular cactus is Ferocactus, which resembles the wild appearance of this plant due to its thick spikes covering the whole cactus giving it a fierce look. Barrel cactus grows in a round tubular shape densely …

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How To Take Care Of A Rat Tail Cactus?

How To Take Care Of A Rat Tail Cactus

With a nickname like this, there’s no reason to suggest that the plant itself doesn’t have some spunk. There are lots of funny sativas with monikers such as Freddies Cookies, White Widow, and The Pineapple Express. This particular variety has a goofy name and an aesthetic appeal to its tail-like appendage, but that doesn’t mean …

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How Long Can Succulent Cuttings Survive?

how long can succulent cuttings survive

If you’ve ever admired the succulent plants in your favorite garden center or florist shop, you may have wanted to bring one home with you. Or maybe you’ve already grown some succulents and want to try growing more of them. Either way, there’s a good chance that the succulent cuttings will sell very well at …

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Can You Cook Cactus In A Smoker?

cook cactus in smoker

The short answer is yes; you can cook cactus in a smoker. But there are some things you should know before getting started. However, cactus leaves should be eaten when the plant is young. We advise against eating an old cactus since it’s inedible. How To Cook Cactus In A Smoker (And Why You Should) …

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Why Is My Indoor Cactus Turning White?

Indoor Cactus Turning White

Cacti are a great addition to any home, but they’re not always easy to care for. Their spines protect them from predators, but they also make them susceptible to problems when they don’t have the right environment. If your cactus looks like it’s turning white, then there may be something wrong with its environment or …

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Why Is My Cactus Turning Light Green?

Why Is My Cactus Turning Light Green

If you notice your cactus turning light green, it could be due to a few different reasons. First, it could be a sign that your cactus is getting too much sun. Cacti are succulents and therefore can store water in their stems and leaves. Too much sun can cause the water to evaporate, causing the …

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Why Does My Cactus Have White Fuzz?

Cactus Have White Fuzz

Cactus plants are an easy-to-maintain and beautiful addition to your home. From taller plants that grow up to a height of 50 ft. to low-growing cacti, this succulent is pretty versatile and grows in a variety of forms and colors. While cactuses are typically healthy, they do suffer from a disease or two, which steal …

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Star Cactus (All You Need to Know)

Star Cactus

If you admire uniquely shaped plants, you’d love to add the Star cactus to your collection. We have put together everything you need to know about Star cacti, from their varieties to growing and caring tips and potential problems. Star cacti, also commonly known as Astrophytum Asteria, are found in the North American regions (Mexico …

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How Cactus Spread Seeds?

How Cactus Spread Seeds

Cacti are fascinating plants with many unique qualities. One of the most interesting is their ability to spread their seeds so far and wide. Cacti have evolved in some very harsh environments, so they had to come up with ways to survive in extreme conditions and also make sure their seeds could be distributed across …

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Why is my Cactus Turning Yellow and Mushy?

Why is my Cactus Turning Yellow and Mushy

Are you having trouble with your cactus? Does it constantly feel like this is something you want to keep your eye on? Don’t worry as we have got just the thing for you. There are many ways that your cactus would turn yellow and mushy. However, it’s necessary that you acknowledge or at least try …

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