Does Cactus Plants Bring Good Luck?

Cactus comes from the plant family Cactaceae, and they are mainly found in British Columbia and South America.

Some species have recently been introduced in Australia, East Africa, and the Mediterranean, where the climate is dryer and warmer.

Cactus is mainly recognized for their ability to endure and thrive in difficult hot climates, and they are classified as stem succulents because of their fleshy meat.

Recently, cactus plants are very commonly seen as indoor plants due to their beauty.

But other than the beauty, keeping a cactus in your house offers many spiritual and mental benefits. These may seem like simple spiky plants.

However, there is more to it than just spikiness. This article will discuss the spiritual and emotional benefits of having cactuses inside and outside your home.

Spiritual and Mental Benefits of Cacti

You might be wondering whether cacti serve any other purpose than beauty and tying the room together, and they do.

Besides the physical benefits, cacti offer many emotional and spiritual benefits such as an improved mindset, greater productivity, therapeutic advantages, and an overall feeling of good health.

It Removes Negative Energies

Keeping cactus plants outside the house or in open places helps them perform their protective function of removing negative energies.

This property does not mean keeping them indoors has no benefits, but keeping them outdoors helps them take away all the negative energies you’re surrounded by when you walk into the house.

It is also believed that cactus plants attract good luck, and people who have them in their homes will soon start to experience things go their way.

It Symbolizes Strength

It is believed that people drawn to cactus plants subconsciously admire their ability to survive in severe climates and intense conditions.

Compared to other plants, cacti endure a lot more and are still able to survive throughout.

The spiritual meaning behind the tough exterior of the cactus is endurance and strength to survive in new and difficult environments and situations.

The real beauty of the cactus comes from the inside.

Keeping a cactus would remind you to stay calm, and strong and endure all hardships in life with patience and strength.

Having Cacti Indoors May Help You Feel Happier

Who wants to be enclosed indoors without some semblance of nature? A cute cactus indoors, on your table, or as decoration can unconsciously bring a feeling of calmness and happiness.

Cacti now come in different colors, and some even have flowers on them; this presence of cacti helps relieve tension and reduces any depression that may have resulted from stress.

We do this by actively transferring all that unhappiness and stress in our minds by transferring it into taking care of a cactus plant.

They not only make you happier but also strengthen your bond with your partner.

Taking care of a cactus promotes empathy in us, making us want to be caring to people around us as well.

On the whole, having a cactus plant nearby can improve our bond with ourselves and our loved ones. 

Cactus Plants Can Increase Your Productivity

You may not believe it, but these tiny pots of cactus help you feel more productive during the long workday.

You will get a lot more work done if you have a cactus at home or work, depending on where you work.

It is not only because cactus plants can relieve stress and improve your mood, but they make you feel more energetic and enthusiastic for the day.

They provide you with the emotional strength one needs to go through a busy day at work.

Just looking at how they are built with a strong exterior but soft inside symbolizes most humans nowadays.

People can relate to these plants more than any plants; that is why it is such a good addition to your work table.

This property not only helps adults, but children also feel a lot more productive with cactus plants around.

Have your children spend time around some indoor plants such as cacti, and you’ll see they tend to learn better and focus greatly on their schoolwork.

However, cacti can be dangerous if they are within your child’s reach. Keep them on a higher level where your children cannot fidget with them.

Cactus Plants Can Help You Heal

Though there is no proof, people have reportedly healed a lot quicker when they have kept cactus plants indoors with them.

Cacti plants may help someone who is sick recover quickly; however, you can’t possibly apply it to all households.

Keeping cacti and other plants have been kept in patients’ rooms to alleviate the health of the patients more quickly; this may be due to the soothing effect it has on peoples’ moods.

As we discussed earlier, that also makes people feel happier. Besides medicine and treatment, recovering from illnesses requires that the person affected by it has the mental strength and optimistic attitude to fight them. Cactus plants help in this respect.

Therefore, if you have been feeling sick lately, you could get a cactus for your room and see if it makes you feel better and recover faster.

You May Find Caring for a Cactus Therapeutic

Those going through a hard time can also benefit from the other therapeutic properties cacti offer.

Indoor cactus plants are best to heal trauma as taking care of them and watering them can be therapeutic and can distract you from the negative thoughts for a while.

Instead of keeping your focus on traumatic events, your mind focuses on the needs of a cactus and taking care of it.

Seeing your cacti grow after taking care of it gives you a sense of achievement and purpose in life.

Many people who go through something traumatic feel like they have no purpose and reason to live, but taking care of a cactus plant acts as an anchor and gives them some emotional support.

Some of The Best Cacti You Can Own

After reading all the spiritual and emotional benefits Cactus plants have to offer, you probably want one for your home now.

Here are a few examples of some indoor cacti species that you should keep in your home.

  • Christmas Cactus: A cactus is beautiful to look at; it comes with many vibrant colored flowers such as red, white, or orange. They are pretty large than other cacti, so you may place them near a large balcony or a window of sorts.
  • Moon Cactus: This cactus is a lot smaller and compact; this makes it a good desk plant. It is vibrant in color and has a rounded bulb with a dark green stem.
  • Old Lady Cactus: This cactus is very spikey yet fuzzy. You can recognize this cactus from the white fur that covers it.
  • Bunny Ears Cactus: This cactus has pads that appear like a rabbit’s ears. These pads are covered in white hair that gives them a fluffy aesthetic.
  • Star Cactus: As the name suggests, this cactus has the shape of a star. You can place it anywhere in your home as they are versatile, to beautify the space and feel more tranquil.

Final Thoughts

It may seem like that at first, but no one could tell a spiky cactus would come with so many benefits to your home and family.

There are several benefits of keeping cactus plants indoors and outdoors, and improving your emotional condition through spiritual benefits is an important one.