How to Use Cactus Oil for Hair Growth

Cactus might be known for their resilient, drought-tolerant nature, and their hardy personality allowing them to be stereotyped as “the plant that grows and thrives in deserts,” like their succulent brothers.

However, what they are not known for as majorly is the fantastic qualities they hold for consumption and human application.

Yes, although certain cacti are non-edible or downright poisonous to be used in any other way, there are fruit and flower-bearing types too that are not only edible but carry some fantastic benefits if used potently for a specific goal.

For instance, did you know cactus oil extracts are great for hair growth and regeneration?

Don’t Let the Thorns Spook You.

Yes, as the results of a recent study show, cactus oil extracts have proven to be remarkable for soothing the scalp, regeneration of hair follicles, and aiding high-quality hair growth, making them look extra shiny and sleek while showcasing anti-inflammatory properties.

Cactus has proven to be surprisingly good, with many such excellent nutrients enriched in its oil.

We all know that the cactus is a resilient and hardy plant. It is excellent at absorbing and retaining water for long periods of time.

Therefore, when the plant is so great at retaining water, this means that it has high amounts of hydration, nutrients, and moisture within that our dry and damaged hair can significantly benefit from.

However, unlike aloe vera, which we can easily use directly by extracting its pulp from the leaves, the cactus is a bit tougher to get into.

Therefore, the best way to use these qualities of cactus to benefit your hair is through oil.

The oil is extracted from cold pressing the seeds of the cactus plant, allowing the transfer of all the nutrient-rich goodness of the plant into the oil.

Which Type of Cactus Will Work?

Understandably, there are many types of cacti, and it can be confusing if you want organic sources of your cactus oil.

However, there is nothing to worry about as almost all cacti and succulents have the same outstanding qualities that will make up for an excellent, nutrient-rich cactus hair oil for you to use.

Hence, if you have been worried about sourcing your cactus oil from a particular type of cactus, you can go easy on yourself and simply order one online.

Many brands and even private sellers are selling cold-pressed cactus seed oil that can be used not only for hair but also for skin care and many other uses.

How Does Cactus Oil Benefit Your Hair?

The simple answer is the same because the cactus has so many fantastic water retention qualities.

It works great for your hair too. However, a little dive deeper into the nutrients it has can tell you how exactly cactus oil benefits your hair.

For instance, it is rich in essential vitamins, fatty acids, minerals, and other nutrients that work in favor of hair quality and growth.

Moreover, when the cactus oil is cold pressed from the seeds, all these nutrients are transferred organically into the oil allowing you to enjoy the many benefits of all these qualities for your hair.

Hence, we have compiled a list of some fantastic benefits you can reap if you use cactus oil for your hair:

Boosts Hair Growth While Reducing Hair Loss

Cactus oil is rich in omega fatty acids, which have been proven vital for hair growth and development.

They aid in ensuring that your hair development cycle is kept on continuation without any pause or halt so that you can proceed with consistent and impressive results against hair loss.

That is why cactus oil has also proven to even reverse the so-called “permanent hair loss” through its omega-6 linoleic acid qualities to regenerate hair follicles.

Moreover, the results are long-lasting, and your hair shall continue to grow over time with occasional use.

Hydrating For Scalp and Hair Follicles

Unlike the thorny nature of cactus, the cactus oil is, in fact, quite soothing for your scalp and hydrating for dry and damaged hair follicles too.

It helps restore the moisture balance of your scalp to help hydrate it from within, nourishing your follicles from within to receive the hydration it requires not to feel dry and damaged.

The high amount of vitamin B5 also helps in retaining these qualities within the oil and transfer to your hair.

Moreover, antioxidants are great for preventing environmental pollutants that can prolong bad scalp health and even harmful UV rays. Think of it as your very own sunblock for hair.

Works against Scalp Itchiness and Irritation

According to research, the cactus oil that is extracted from its seeds has amazing antifungal and anti-inflammatory qualities that work against scalp itchiness and irritation and, in turn, give you a smooth, hydrated, nourished scalp in return.

It also protects your scalp against further bacterial or fungal growth that can entail more irritation in the future.

That means the cactus oil goodness is long-lasting and even permanent with regular use.

It can also reverse a severely damaged scalp and, over time, repair the hair and skin barrier for better hair growth.

Reverses Hair Damage for Better Quality Hair

Combining all the beneficial points mentioned above with the regular use of cactus oil, you can reverse any damage you have adhered to over time to your hair and scalp.

It greatly helps in rejuvenating your entire hair, follicle, and scalp health by nourishing from within, fighting against fungal growth, and enhancing hair growth boosting properties to give you shinier and better hair.

That’s how regular use, over time, can reverse damage to your hair and scalp and completely change your hair’s personality for a truer appearance and feel.

How to Use Cactus Oil for Hair Benefits

Despite knowing the many benefits of cactus oil for your hair and how it works, the most important part is knowing how to use cactus oil to reap benefits for your hair.

The secret lies in using this amazing product to nourish and benefit your hair instead of unknowingly applying the cactus oil to your hair and waiting for it to work.

Therefore, if you have decided to use cactus oil for your hair and include it in your regular self-care or hair-care regimen, here’s how to use it to reap the maximum benefits for your hair:

Use It According to Your Objective

The idea is to use the cactus oil according to the result you want to achieve. For instance, if you want to nourish your hair from within, start by applying to your roots and massaging your scalp.

On the other hand, if you want to work on hair damage and how your hair looks, apply the oil to your tips and ends while rubbing the hair with oil between your palms.

Stay Consistent

Consistency is of the key essence here. You simply can’t apply it once a month and expect it to benefit you in ways we have deemed here.

Instead, you would want to apply it every other day or twice a week, consistently to see any change.

Moreover, stay consistent in the amount you apply so that your hair adapts to the quantity and works accordingly.

Don’t Experiment

Many people believe that creating their own concoctions will significantly help them achieve the desired results, quicker or with more potency.

However, there is hardly any truth in it because you never know which two ingredients don’t work together for you or might not even work together and create some other poisonous mixture.

Hence, stick to one oil only, in this case, cactus, and don’t mix in other ingredients in it blindly.

Be Patient

Lastly, be patient with the results. It is understandable that you have been at it for quite some time now, and you want to see instant results.

But everything works differently for different people. Therefore, cactus oil might bring out instant results for a friend’s less damaged hair but take time to work through your more damaged hair.

So be patient and don’t disregard the work you have put in all this time.

Final Thoughts

Gone are the days when cactus was just a desert plant or a tiny indoor house plant.

Now is the time to get on with the trends and put cactus right where we had placed aloe vera long ago – on a self-care and beneficial pedestal.

You will surely enjoy and keep reaching for your cactus oil bottle for how amazing it can be, especially for boosting hair growth and hair quality.

So now that you are well-versed on why cactus oil is an excellent option for hair growth, how it works, and how to use it, hopefully, it will become easier for you to include it into your regular self-care regimen and reap the many benefits it entails for you and your hair.

Just make sure to keep your usage consistent and be patient with the results as you enjoy the cactus oil. Cheers!