What is a Crested Succulent?

What is a Crested Succulent

What is Cresting? Cresting is a mutation process that occurs during the period of plant growth. The plant compresses and turns into a broad flat surface instead of growing more stems or branches. The leaves of a crested plant grow in compact colonies close to each other and give a systematic look to the plant. …

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Why Is My Succulent Turning Pink?

Why Is My Succulent Turning Pink

Succulents are easy to take care of. They help clear dangerous chemicals present in the air and increase humidity. You are probably wondering why we are telling you this, right? Did you know succulents help relieve itchy and dry skin with their humidity? They also prevent the common cold, dry cough, and sore throats. Now …

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How to Tell How Old a Cactus Is?

How to Tell How Old a Cactus Is

Cactus is one of the most diverse families of plants, with over 2,000 species and 139 genera. These uniquely gifted plants have evolved for nearly 40 million years and are amongst some of the longest-living families of plants on earth. What remains confusing for some botanists is how a cactus shows its age, making this …

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How to Propagate an Orchid Cactus?

How to Propagate an Orchid Cactus

Orchid cacti seem like they’re super exotic. However, they are super common and easy to propagate. The cactus is called Orchid Cactus because of how it appears. Cactus, in general, are incredibly hardy plants. However, the Orchid cactus has another expectation as opposed to just existing. They are also meant to bloom and give rise …

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How To Care for a Ruby Ball Cactus?

How To Care For A Ruby Ball Cactus

The Ruby Ball Cactus is also called the moon cactus. The moon cactus is a specially grafted specimen generally used for growing a potted plant rather than being presented as a garden specimen. There are many colors, red, yellow, and orange, which can be Gymnocalycium mihanovichii. There are many different kinds of cacti, but the …

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How Long Does a Cactus Live in Arizona?

How Long Does a Cactus Live in Arizona

A cactus has a lifespan of between 10 and 200 years, but there are more than 1500 species of cacti that have been discovered, with each species having different traits and lifespans, resulting in a variety of adaptations that have contributed to unique survival abilities. The most common cactus type you can expect to find …

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Can Cactus be Composted?

If you’re wondering whether it’s possible to compost cactus effectively, the answer is yes. Cactus typically grow in sandy soil because it is light and loose, and since cacti originate in deserts, they grow and survive optimally in lighter soils that easily drain water. Organic soil retains too much moisture and is denser, which is …

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How Do You Care for a Succulent Butt?

care for succulent butt

Succulent butts are the Lithops plants that are part of the succulent family. Lithops are also known as pebble plants or living stones, and they have garnered all of these unique names because of their unique shape, which resembles small rocks or even a butt in most cases! Lithops are incredibly small plants and usually …

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How Big Do Golden Barrel Cactus Get?

How Big Do Golden Barrel Cactus Get

Golden barrel cacti are amongst some of the most popular cacti you can find in any indoor garden. These cacti are also commonly known as Mother-in-law’s cushions because of their unique shape, which resembles a cluster of pin cushions. A normal golden barrel cactus can grow to be 3-4 ft in length and also 3 …

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