How to Remove Paint from Succulents/Cactus?

Remove Paint from Succulents

Have you ever heard about or come across a painted succulent? Nowadays, companies specializing in the distribution of houseplants have developed a new and attractive sales strategy. On popular Gen-Z demand, they are selling painted succulents. Is it a good thing? While the idea of a succulent or cactus painted in your favorite color is …

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Best Succulents With Yellow Flowers

Succulents with yellow flowers

Are you looking for succulents to add color to your home? Succulents are ideal house plants. They require little to no care and can thrive in almost all weather conditions. Most people associate succulents with cactuses; they don’t know that they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Colorful succulents provide an opportunity to add …

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Can Succulents Grow in Sand?

Succulents Grow in Sand

You may be wondering if it’s possible to grow succulents in the sand, and the answer is that succulents are one of the most versatile plants that can grow in any climate, making it possible for you to grow several kinds in your garden. However, like all plants, some conditions must still be met if …

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Can Succulents Live Outside for the Whole Year?

Can Succulents Live Outside for the Whole Year

Succulents are some of the hardest plants you will ever encounter. They are extremely popular in the world now as they are low maintenance, so you don’t have to look after them to a great degree, which is why so many people opt for them. These succulents are especially popular with college students who want …

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How To Grow Succulents on Rocks?

Grow Succulents On Rocks

Succulents are plants that have evolved to store water in their leaves, stems, or roots. This makes them well-suited to arid environments, and they can grow in many parts of the world. While succulents come in a variety of shapes and sizes, all share one common characteristic: they can thrive with very little water. However, …

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How do Succulents Become Variegated?

variegated succulents

Variegated succulents are all the rage now. Succulents grew in popularity when the world went into lockdown.  The coronavirus pandemic caused many people to shut themselves inside as per the government’s recommendations.  Since then, succulents have grown quite a bit in popularity and are available with a lot more variety.  You’re no longer only getting one …

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Do Succulents Like Acidic Soil?

Do Succulents Like Acidic Soil

The short answer is that succulents prefer slightly acidic soil. In particular, the majority of them thrive in soil with a pH of around 6. Depending largely on their original environment, each succulent family has a different ideal level of acidity. Remember that despite the fact that we now produce succulents for commercial purposes, they …

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Can Cactus Cause Allergies?

Can Cactus Cause Allergies

Cacti are spiny succulent plants with cylindrical or spherical shapes. These plants can be found in several parts of the world such as the Americas, Africa, Southeast Asia, and Australia. According to experts, cactus plants have existed since the Triassic period between 230 and 201 million years ago! There are over 2,400 different species of …

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How To Replant Succulents Without Roots?

The first step to propagating succulents is identifying which type of succulent you have. The easiest way to do this is by looking at its leaves. If the leaves are round, you’ve probably got a barrel cactus (Echinocactus grusonii), while if they’re fern-like, it’s most likely a Jade Plant (Crassula Argentea). These plants are easy …

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